Shamanic Drumming & Journeying Circle

Event information

Date 17 Jun 2024

Time 7.00pm - 8.45pm

Cost £10 online in advance or cash on the night

Venue Uig Hall, Benmore, near Dunoon, PA23 8QU

Type Advice, Support & Wellbeing Learning & Classes


  • Connect with your animal spirit guides
  • Receive information and guidance
  • Access personal healing
  • Enjoy relaxing to the beat of the drum
  • Journey to the non-ordinary worlds
  • Connect with other helping guides

There will be time to practice journeying in a safe space among friends, time to drum and rattle and get used to what helps you most easily get into your relaxed state, time to share and to record your experiences.

Beginners are welcome – please let me know beforehand
Please bring with you:
  • Drum and rattle if you have them (I have spares if you don’t)
  • Yoga mat & blanket if you prefer to lay down
  • Eye mask
  • Notebook to record your insights
£10 either in advance via the ticket link, or cash on the night. If paying cash please message to let me know that you’re coming so that I can manage numbers